We are an independent cruelty-free brand on a mission to help others enhance their image and transform their mindset through our Inner Beauty Series.


We love supporting others to realize their potential to pursue and accomplish their dreams.


Sound Cosmetics was created in 2018 by our founder Christina.

With over 10 years of experience in the Beauty industry, Christina had an immense desire to create a Cruelty-free brand that gave a voice and means to expression through makeup while diving deep to help empower and encourage others.

By 2019, Sound Cosmetics had officially launched online while providing in-person makeup and empowerment services. Our product range and services continued to expand to enhance our communities beauty experience.

As of 2020, our services have evolved to continue to serve our community in a safe and supportive online environment.

" As a brand, we are fun but simple. Our aesthetic is minimalist while focusing on rich pigments and transformation through color. We are constantly evolving and open to finding ways to best serve our community."

- Christina


We're on a mission to keep beauty fun and simple while supporting personal empowerment.


Create a safe and inclusive space that supports creative expression and personal well-being.


We believe in kindness and respect.

We cultivate trust and integrity through responsibility and personal empowerment.

We lead with compassion, love and with respect.

We evolve and embrace our greatest version.

We support love and acceptance for all including ourselves.

About Christina

Sound Cosmetics Owner Christina


Founder & Creator

of Sound Cosmetics

Christina is a New York City native living the island life in the Caribbean with her husband and 4 children.

With a degree in Business and in Counseling Psychology, she decided to combine her passion makeup and mindset to help others enhance their image and transform their mindset through her Inner Beauty Series.

Connect with her on Instagram:

@dreamcreatingangel or @soundcosmetics