Tired of doubting and second guessing yourself?



We've all struggled with feelings of low confidence. These feelings can hold us back from living a fulfilling life. That's why we've created this Free Self-Esteem Challenge.


A step by step approach to having rock-solid confidence in yourself.



7 Days of Empowering lessons complete with Self-Esteem boosting exercises:


Day 1: Discover your Strengths

Day 2: Replacing Negative Self-Talk

Day 3: Handling Toxic Relationships

Day 4: Identify & Accepting 'Weaknesses'

Day 5: Showing Yourself Self-Love

Day 6: Being Thankful & Feeling Content

Day 7: Achievable Goals & Self-Esteem Boost



The 7 Day Self-Esteem Challenge comes in a Digital PDF format that can be printed. Use as often as needed or share with a friend.



7 Day Self-Esteem Challenge


Stay Gorgeous

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