5 Tips to Become a Confident Queen

Unleash Unstoppable Confidence

Throughout my years working in the beauty industry I've noticed that a lot of people don't feel confident about themselves. And it's normal!

Sometimes it can be hard to develop confidence because of personal experiences that have caused us to lose confidence or because we suffer from low self-esteem.

Add the comparison trap of social media to the mix and being confident becomes a struggle.

Today I'm sharing 5 tips that can help you start building your confidence. Before I share these tips let's look at what distinguishes a confident person.

Confident people:

- Make mistakes but don't take them personally. They are able to learn and move forward.

- Are willing to take healthy and intentional risks.

- Tend to be more optimistic.

- Receive and accept compliments.

- They do what is right even if it is unpopular.

- Can feel doubt but are able to respond and take action. They don't allow fear, perfectionism or procrastination paralyze them.

5 Tips for building Self Confidence

1) Remind yourself of your achievements.

We often tend to forget how great we are by bypassing or failing to acknowledge the things that we have achieved so far. Create a list or a Success Journal (Download a Free Success Journal) where you can keep track of the things you've accomplished and as a way to remind yourself of your abilities when self-doubt appears.

2) Learn Your Confident Boosters

Many times we can struggle feeling confident because we haven't created enough awareness about the things that make us feel confident and empowered. Take the time to identify the things that make you feel empowered and find ways to include them in your daily routine. (Download the Free Confidence Wheel) to help you identify your boosters.

3) Set Goals

Set small goals that you can achieve easily to start building up momentum. These small wins will help us build confidence. For larger goals, break down the steps you need to take to achieve them and create a list that you can check off each time you complete a step.

4) Self-Care

Self-Care is crucial to building confidence. Just basic things like showering, grooming, doing your hair or makeup, dressing up, standing up straight, smiling, can help you feel better, feel more confident and also send a powerful message to your subconscious that you are worthy.

5) Find Support

Sometimes we need support. After all we are humans and desire connection and support. Look for positive, supportive online groups, friends, communities, etc that can help inspire you to become more confident.

If you’re still not feeling better...

These are just a few tips that can help boost your confidence in the moment however they may not always be best as long term solutions. So if you’re feeling stuck, feeling bad and things just don’t seem to be improving, you may need deeper solutions.

It may be best to work someone who knows how to help such as counselors, psychologists, coaches or mentors. They can help you develop strategies to help you build up your confidence. They may also be able to help you understand any underlying problems, hidden blocks and limitations that might be causing you to feel bad about yourself.

As always,

Stay Gorgeous

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