The Importance of Self-Love

I know this may seem so cliché and rehashed but Self-Love is truly the key to success. Today I will be sharing 6 reasons why self-love will put you on track for massive success.

Reason #1: Self-Love leads to more Confidence

Confidence is a key influence on the outcome of many situations. When you exude confidence you become magnetic and attract the outcome you desire.

Don't get me wrong, we won't always feel confident during an endeavor but having self-love will help you boost your self-worth and self-esteem which will put you on track to taking aligned action and gaining confidence.

Reason #2: Self-Love leads to healthy, nurturing and fulfilling relationships

Something magical happens to your relationships (including you relationship to your self) when you have self-love. You become unavailable for unhealthy or toxic relationships clearing space for healthy, nurturing and fulfilling relationships.

You learn to establish healthy boundaries and know when it is the right moment to say 'no' for things that don't serve your best interest - all in a loving way.

Reason #3: Self-Love allows you to receive and experience abundance

This one is a biggie! We all desire to enjoy financial stability and the comforts that abundance offers us.

The thing is that your ability to generate and hold on to money is directly related to your self-worth.

When you love yourself, your self-worth and self-esteem increases. This puts you in the position to receive and experience abundance.

Your reticular activating system or RAS, your brains filtering system, will become aware of opportunities, connections and experiences that will magnetize abundance and success for you.

Reason #4: Self-Love leads to better health

When you have self-love; you will love, accept, respect and care for your body and health. You learn how develop healthy self-care practices that will replenish your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health. Without health, it is impossible to enjoy success.

Reason #5: Self-Love helps you attract positive life experiences

When we love ourselves, we become energetically unavailable for funkiness and lack. Yes, life will still have it's ups and down's but you'll spend more time on the upside because you will be so focused on how things are working FOR you and not against you. You will develop a mindset of success and your mindset determines the quality of your life.

Reason #6: Self-Love helps you gain Inner Peace

This one is probably my favorite on this list: PEACE. There is nothing better than waking up, going through your day and going to sleep in peace. Nothing to hide, no guilt, no shame. You can truly enjoy and look forward to life.

When you love yourself: you forgive past mistakes, move on from any resentments and just overall cleanup your inner space so much that you become unfazed by anything. You put yourself into a beautiful place full of love and respect.

Self-love means having a high regard for your happiness and overall well-being. What are you doing to show yourself love?

Love yourself to success. Rewrite, renew and transform. Join the free 3 Day Ultimate Self-Love Challenge. We start march 28.

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