Spring Clean your Makeup

Spring is in the air and it's time to do a little makeup cleaning. Yes! Spring cleaning isn't only limited to our homes and wardrobes, it applies to our makeup too!

As makeup lovers, it is very important to maintain a proper rotation of our makeup products since they too have expiration dates.

Cosmetics usually contain ingredients such a phenoxyethanol, an ingredient which is used as a stabilizer and preservative to help prevent spoilage, however makeup is not immune to airborne bacteria, bacteria produced from sweat, dirty hands, etc..

Some of the risks of using expired makeup include: breakouts, rashes, pinkeye, irritation, and allergic reactions.

Let's take a look at how often we should replace each product from fastest expiration date to longest:

3 Months: Mascaras and Liquid Eyeliners

Mascaras and eye liners have a very short life span due to the fact that these are products applied closest to the immediate eye area. Our eyes naturally cleanse themselves of bacteria through tears and our eyelashes act as filters that prevent bacteria and particles from entering our eyes which makes it easier for these items to be contaminated.

6 - 12 Months: Foundations and Concealers

Liquid Foundations and concealers have life span of 6 months (up to 12 months if they contain oils or organic acids which can serve as preservatives) and should be replaced before if separation occurs as well as if you acne prone skin to avoid bacteria and skin irritations. These items are placed directly on our faces which sweat and can have breakouts and can lead to contamination. Separation may also occur due to Ingredients settling at the bottom.

1 Year: Lip gloss, Powders and Eyeshadows

As painful as this one may be, Eyeshadows should be replaced in about a year - maximum 18 months. Ouch! Eyeshadows are placed very close to immediate eye area and have a propensity to pick up bacteria from eyes and dirty makeup brushes. As powders, they are also susceptible to mold caused by humidity caused from tearing, oils on brushes and humidity in storage places. It's best to replace them than to suffer eye infections or even pink eye. Safety first!

18 Months to 2 Years: Lipsticks, Powder: Blush, Highlighters and Contour

Lipsticks and powder blushes, highlighters and contours have the longest life span. Lipsticks are packed with essential oils and preservatives which enhance their life span. Plus they are a high rotation item since they are used frequently. Powder products such a blush, highlighter and contour do not contain water making bacterial growth more difficult but beware of oils that maybe in your brushes and can still be transferred causing a greyish film that may harbor bacteria.

Here are some tips for caring for your makeup:

  1. Use brushes instead of fingers to avoid bacteria transfer.

  2. Sanitize brushes with brush sanitizer and washing. (Wash minimum once a month even if you use brush sanitizer.)

  3. Never add water to your makeup. Water added can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

  4. Lightly mist powder products with 91 % rubbing alcohol (91% to avoid discoloration) in a spray bottle.

  5. Seal your items quickly and correctly to avoid bacterial contamination.

I hope you've found valuable information and guidelines that will help you care for your makeup. No matter how much you love a product, it is expired, it's time to toss so that you may keep healthy and continue enjoying makeup.

And to end this post on a high note of Self love and Self Care:

Remember This Golden Rule: If you observe any strange odors, tingling, textures or odd consistencies even before the expiration date, it's always a good idea to discard to avoid any adverse reactions.

Stay Gorgeous,