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Restore Gel Eyeliner

We all know it, that annoying feeling of having a virtually new gel eyeliner dry up. Instead of trashing your gel liner you can restore it in 3 simple steps. But first...

Why does gel eyeliner dry if we've replaced the cap? No matter how quickly or tightly we may shut the cap, air that remains inside can dry out the product.

(Before restoring your eyeliner gel, make sure that your eyeliner is not expired. Remember expired makeup products can cause infections and other adverse reactions.)

What do I need? You'll need some Sterile Eye Drops, gel eyeliner and a sterile item such as a makeup spatula to mix.

What do I do next?

Step 1: Add a few drops of Sterile Eye drops.

Step 2: Mix eye drops and gel liner.

Step 3: Smooth gel liner and store correctly.

And Voila! You've got gel eyeliner for a few more weeks.

Need to replace your gel eyeliner? Check out our Eye Section in our shop.

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