New Week, New Beginnings

Hey Boss Babes! New week = new beginnings. Here are some tips to help you smash your goals this week.

Tip #1 Get Clear

This one is super obvious but if you don't know what you are going for, how can you achieve it? Take a moment to focus and get clear on what it is you desire and what is important to you.

Tip # 2 Make a Plan

Now that you've gotten clarity, create a plan and take action. What are some possible action steps you can take that will compound and create your desired result?

(ex. Workout everyday, make calls, engage with potential customers, fund a vacation account, etc)

Tip # 3 Take Inspired Action

It's easy to get caught up doing a lot of things. But keeping busy and taking intentional and inspired action is a whole different thing. Intentional and inspired action means doing things that will lead you to achieve your goals. Not action that will only keep you busy spinning your tires in the air like a car stuck in the mud - going but not getting anywhere.

Tip #4 Make time for Fun

It's good to keep focused while achieving your goals but it's also important to rest and have fun. Constant hustle can lead to massive burnout and emotional distress. Take time to rest and to do things that are fun. Having fun creates a childlike sense of play which helps engage our brain more and help us persevere.

Tip # 5 Stick to it but be Flexible

While sticking to your goals is important, you are allowed to change along the way. Nothing has to be set in stone or absolute. Excessive pressure can lead to burnout, frustration and self-sabotage. Be flexible, adjust and adapt as needed. Being flexible doesn't mean giving up, it simply means that you have enough self-awareness to know if something is no longer serving you.

Which tip resonated most with you?

As Always,

Stay Gorgeous

xo Christina

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