Key to Success

Good morning ☕Coffee Reflections...

🍁 Sometimes we ask for things that we are not prepared to receive.

🍁 To receive our desires, we have to prepare ourselves by creating the space to sustain them.

🍁 How do we create the space? By doing the inner work - which is often the hardest and scariest.

🍁Aligned & Inspired action that materializes our desires, comes from within.

🍁But until we do the work, we will not be able to sustain the space to hold these things.

🍁Your vibes don't lie. If you have unconscious feelings of being unworthy, you will not allow yourself to receive.

🍁 So if you really want it, do the work. Heal, reprogram your Self to succeed.

🍁 The rest will come effortlessly.

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