How to make your own Halloween costume

Don't know what to dress up as for Halloween or simply don't want to spend tons of money on a costume? Try these 3 tips to make your own costume.

#1 Make your face your focal point.

The best way to make your own Halloween costume is to make your face your focal point. By making your face your focal point, you can use the makeup you already have on hand as the main concept for your costume.

Pro Tip: Use these looks as inspiration to make your Halloween costume using your face as your focal point.

#2 Shop your closet

Halloween is the best time of the year to let your creativity soar. Shop your closet for items that can be transformed into a costume. Sequin dress? Instant Flapper girl costume. An all black outfit? No problem, use accessories to transform your look or make your face (tip #1) your focal point.

#3 Think outside the box

Halloween may be notorious for gory makeup and spooky costumes but you don't have to dress up with as character out of a horror movie. Think outside the box. Combine your findings from tips #1 & 2 to create different looks. Maybe you have an amazing dress that you can use to dress up as a movie star or dress as a pop artist with that cool leather jacket you own.

Pro Tip: Use accessories such a jewelry, sunglasses, headbands and scarves to transform any outfit into a Halloween costume.

PS Need a sword? Use a cardboard box to make your sword and wrap with foil.

What’s ONE tip you’d share? Tell me below.

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