How to have a Stress-free Christmas

It's almost that time of the year: Christmas! The season for giving, yummy treats, beautiful decorations, celebration and more.

Here's a quick guide for a stress-free Giving Season.

# 1 - Budget

We're all about Celebrating - in a responsible way of course. Let's be real, after Christmas is over, you don't want to be stuck in debt.

Creating a specific budget can help you enjoy the season without breaking the bank.

# 2 - Get Clear

Make a list of the people you intend on gifting and get clear on options.

What things do they like? Do they enjoy reading? Baking? Makeup? This will give you clarity on what to look for without losing focus or sidetracking your budget.

# 3 - Digital or Physical?

Technology has allowed us to go beyond just physical gifts. Digital Gifts are a wonderful option since they require no shipping or gift wrapping. A Journey to Self-Love Digital Course is great for someone who loves personal development and reading.

If your ideal gift is a physical, check to see if gift wrapping is available (free gift wrapping is available in our store) and if items can be shipped directly to your gift recipient.

# 4- Maximize your Time & Budget

Take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday (psst: we're having up to 50 % OFF) sales online to maximize your budget and time, especially when searching for multiple gifts.This will also allow for you to receive your purchases on time.

# 5 Enjoy

Above all, enjoy your time with your friends and loved ones. If you can not travel, host online parties with apps like Zoom. If you're able to travel, use proper safety measures to spend the holidays with your loved ones.

What are you looking forward to most this Season?

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