How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally

They say that beauty hurts but it doesn't have to! If you've been craving full, luscious lips, forget about painful injections. We've found 7 pain-free ways you can get fuller-looking lips naturally.

#1 Gloss It Up

The easiest way to fuller lips is by using lip gloss. The shiny qualities of lip gloss help reflect light so that you can purposely draw attention to the fullest part of your lips.

How to:

  • Apply lip gloss to the center of your lips to enhance the fullest part of your pout.

#2 Contour

Contour isn't meant for just your face, you can also contour your lips to create the illusion of a voluminous pout.

How to:

  • With a lip liner, line your lips to your desired shape. You can overline to create the illusion of a fuller lip.

  • Highlight the center of your lips. (you can use a lighter shade for this or lip gloss)

  • Use a concealer only at the corners of your lips to maximize fullness towards the center.

#3 Use Lighter Shades

Lighter shades are best for enhancing lip size especially if you tend to have small lips. Darker shades can make your lips look flat and smaller.

How to:

  • Look for nude or pink shades that compliment your skin tone.

However, if you want to indulge in your favorite darker shade the next tip is for you!

#4 Lip Liner

If you love darker shades but don't want your lips to look small, using a lip liner can make a big difference.

How to:

  • Using a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick, overline your lips to create the illusion of a fuller lip.

  • Fill in the rest of your lip with your lipstick.

Not only will this enhance your lips but it will keep your lipstick in place.

#5 Highlight Cupids Bow

Thanks to the magic of shadow and light, you can create a fuller-looking lip by highlighting your cupid's bow. Your cupid's bow is the dip on the top of your lips.

How to:

  • Apply a small amount of highlighter to your cupid's bow.

  • Compliment with a dab of highlighter or lip gloss to the center of your lips to make the magic of light reflection work for you.

#6 Face Yoga? Lip Massages?

Seriously, is this is the thing? Yes. Yes, it is! Although lip massages and face yoga may seem odd, facialists and estheticians confirm that these techniques indeed work. However, it is important to note that they are longer-term solutions as it may take some time to see visible results.

How To:

#7 Grab a toothbrush

You can find smooth and Lucious-looking lips as close as in your bathroom by using a toothbrush.

How to:

  • Wet a clean toothbrush with water.

  • Gently buff