Dark Circles: How to Color Correct Dark Undereye Circles

Say goodbye to dark undereye circles in 3 easy steps.

Having dark undereye circles can be frustrating. Applying concealer would seem like the ideal solution unless.... you have very dark undereye circles.

For those of us who suffer from very dark under-eye circles, adding more concealer or the wrong concealer can just make things worse. It can leave us looking like a raccoon or with a grayish cast under our eyes.

So, say goodbye to dark undereye circles in 3 easy steps. But first, the products you'll need to achieve this:

  1. Eye Cream/Serum

  2. Color corrector (you can also use a lipstick, just make sure it's clean)

  3. Concealer

Step #1 - Hydrate

As with any makeup application, skin preparation is a crucial first step. By hydrating the skin under your eyes, you create a more smooth and even base for a more flawless makeup application.

How to:

  • After washing and cleansing your skin, gently dab some eye cream or serum.

  • If you have some spare time, use undereye patches for extra hydration and brightening.

Step #2 - Color Correct

To choose the right color corrector for you, take into consideration your skin tone and the darkness of your undereye circles. The goal is to neutralize the darkness. For example, someone with medium skin with very dark circles can use a peach or orange corrector or even a yellow corrector. Yellow tends to work well with most skin tones.

How to:

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Step #3 - Conceal

Time to blend everything in with a concealer so that everything matches your skin.

How To:

  • Choose a concealer close to your natural skin tone.

  • Apply over the color corrector and blend.

Optional Step: Set with powder

If you have oily skin, set your concealer with a translucent powder to avoid creasing. If you have dryness under your eyes, skip this step to avoid texture.


Yay! You made it this far. Here's a bonus tip for you that will upgrade your dark circle coverage: use a nude eyeliner in your water line. A nude eyeliner in your water lie will add more brightness to your eye area.

Covering dark circles is possible in 3 easy steps. Give it a try and let us know if these steps worked for you.

As always, Stay Gorgeous.

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