Clogged Pores Annoying You?

4 Tips to Improve Skin Appearance

Clogged pores can be a real hassle. They can cause acne and textured. Here are 4 tips to improve your skin's appearance.

Tip # 1 Cleanse Daily

Keeping our skin clean is the best way to improve our skins appearance. Dirt, contaminants and makeup can build up causing acne, texture and overall dull skin.

Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type.

Our Refreshing Lavender Cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types. It contains organic lavender essence which helps soothe skin and restores moisture that can be stripped away while cleansing.

Tip #2 Exfoliate Weekly

While daily cleansing is a must, exfoliating our skin weekly prevents additional buildup of dead skin cells and aids in stimulating skin turnover.

Remember that exfoliating should be a gentle process to avoid lacerating skin.

Our Radiant Skin Care line comes with a special Comfort Kit that includes microfiber sponge to help you gently remove buildup.

Tip #3 Tone

Toning is often an overlooked step in skincare but it is equally as important. Toners help balance skin's PH levels and can help remove any impurities that may have been left after washing.

Our Rejuvenating Sea Toner includes natural kelp which is rich in antioxidants promoting improvement of skin health. It also includes Witch Hazel which helps with acne.

Tip # 4 Improve Skin Elasticity

As we age our skin begins to lose elasticity leading to larger pores, wrinkles etc. Use serums and moisturizers that stimulate collagen.

Our Restoring Peptide Moisturizer is full of peptides and antioxidants that help stimulate collagen. Organic Sunflower Seed Oils help to stimulate cells and elasticity.

Do you have any tips for dealing with clogged pores? Share them with us in the comments.

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