15 Creative Halloween Makeup Looks

Even though Covid is still a thing - sigh - Halloween is still happening. Here are 15 creative Halloween looks that are definitely on our to try list even if it means dressing up at home and binging on Halloween movies.

The good news is that most of these looks can be created with items you probably already have on hand because you know - life happens and we often find ourselves running around last minute to get things done.

#1 Violet Beauregarde

Ellie Adis

This creative interpretation of Violet Beauregarde from Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory created by Ellie Adis is definitely a look to try. Not only is it simple, it's quick.

How to: Use pink and purple eye shadows in the center of your face to create this look. Be sure to add touches of highlighter to bring in light and don't forget an important accessory: bubble gum!

#2 Tie Dye Eyes


While the tie dye eyes look isn't 100% simple to create, this look by Meliysabel is definitely a Halloween makeup look to try because you only need eye shadows to create it.

How to: With an extra fine eye shadow brush such as the Morphe M515, use bright matte shadows to create an outline of each layer of your tie dye look. Fill in with your shadows and blend. Add a pop of glitter to your inner corner to make this look epic.

#3 Glitter Brows

Not only is this look unique, it's super easy to create. If you find yourself struggling last minute for a Halloween look, we've got you covered with this look.

How to: With a spooly brush, coat your eyebrows with a glue-free glitter shadow like the ones in our Fantasy Palette Vol. 2 . You can also apply the glitter to your lips or if you're wearing a mask, just focus on your brows. And ta-da, you're ready to have some fun.

#4 Naughty Angel

Another easy Halloween look to create: the Naughty Angel. Think of a grunge rock/vampirish combination. Certainly a look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

How to: Create a dramatic and grungy smokey eye. Add some red glitter or red lip gloss on your lower lash line and you're good to go. For an even more dramatic impact, use a body glow oil like our Bronze Body Glow Hydrating Oil.

#5 Doll Face

While this Halloween look is fairly friendly...it's also borderline creepy if that's what you're going for.

How to: Use brown and black pencil eye liners to contour your cheeks and mouth area. Fill in with eye shadows. Cut your eyelash strips into sections and use them to add depth to your eye area. Finish off with a heart shaped lip and freckles using the same pencil liner.

#6 Star Queen

This Star Queen look took our breath away. If you don't mind glitter, this is a must try Halloween look for you.

How to: With your hair slicked back, apply glitter to your hairline, down the sides of your cheeks and your eyes. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Finish off with star accessories.

If you want to elevate this look even further with an outer space twist, try using the black glitter in our Classic Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 2. This black glitter has orange and blue-green reflects that make it an out of this world experience.

#7 Artsy

Literally a work of art, this colorful explosion looks like something that belongs to the MOMA in New York City and Halloween is the perfect time to go for something more creative.

How to: Create a graphic eye look using bold shadows. Use colorful liquid liner and randomly flick different colors on your face.

#8 Grunge Rock

Another simple but perfect look for Halloween - especially if you find yourself in a rush, is this Grunge Rock look with a touch of sparkle.

How to: Create a grungy smokey eye look. Add some flakes or glitter to the outer part of your eyes or temples to elevate this look. Accessorize with a rhinestone face mask. Safe and glam sounds like a winning combination to us.

#9 Modern Fairy

We all want to believe in magic which is why Fairy's never go out of style. We especially love this modern take using deep and metallic shades.