Best Halloween Makeup Looks for 2021

7 Spook-tacular Halloween Makeup Looks to Try this Year

Today we are sharing some our favorite Halloween Makeup looks to try in 2021 that will inspire you.


This gypsy look was definitely our favorite. The sultry purple eye shadow and lipstick give this look an air of mystery and adventure into the unknown. An added bonus is that It's easy to recreate.


This look embodies the connection with nature and feminine energy that fairies are known for. The deep green and golden colors are perfect for this fall season.


Why be a plain skeleton when you can be a Glam Skeleton?! The glitter eyebrows just scream glam to us.


This Elven warrior makeup is a definite winner. Dark black shadow evokes the fierceness of a warrior that has been to battle while the glitter adds that touch of magic that Elves are known for.


The ultimate Unicorn Fantasy: bright and colorful pinks, purples and blues with a dash of sparkle.

Pro Tip: Dab some concealer or foundation on top the center of your lips to create an ombre effect.