Beauty with Purpose

At Sound Cosmetics we are committed to empowering others by helping them look and feel good.

Makeup is fun. It allows us to express our creativity and enhance our natural beauty. But feeling good is also essential to our well-being.

When you feel good, you look good too! And all of that Inner Beauty is reflected on the outside. This way we have developed our Inner Beauty Series, as a complement to enhance your beauty even more.

As part of our mission to help you look and feel good, we have created a Beauty Influencer Affiliate Program. With this program, you can earn 25% commissions through sales made with your unique link and also provide a 10% discount for your friends, family, and followers. It's a win for everyone!

All you have to do to become a Beauty Influencer Affiliate is apply for a link. No investment is required. No inventory is required. Just share your link with friends, family, and followers. (To receive your payouts you must have a valid and active Paypal account).

For more information on the program read here: Beauty Influencer Affiliate Policy

Apply here: Beauty Influencer Program

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