Allergy Makeup Hacks

May flowers are blooming, spring is in the air...and so is pollen. If you suffer from allergies, you definitely may be experiencing challenges with your makeup. Here are three quick tips to help you look your best during this season.

1) Pick One

When our allergies have flared, our faces can become sensitive to touch. Choose one focal point to create a polished look without having to touch your face too much. If your eyes are watery, go for a bold lip. If your nose is irritable, focus on your eyes. If your eyes and nose are sensitive, go for a bold blush.

Bold Eyes: Electric Blue Eyes Sound Cosmetics Owner Christina

2) Quick Looks

Monochromatic makeup can definitely be a life saver during allergy season. Monochromatic looks require very few products and have a very polished and cohesive finish. Matching your eye and lip makeup can be done in just 5 minutes.

Pro tip: Smokey eyes can be created with just one shade. The key is in the blend.

Purple Monochromatic Look Sound Comsetics Owner Christina

3) Waterproof & Long lasting

Waterproof and long lasting products are your friend during allergy season. These products are designed to withstand harsher wearing conditions. Invest in a few key waterproof products such as mascara, long wear foundations, waterproof liners that will help your makeup stay in tact for longer periods of time.

Allergy season my be inevitable but you can still look your best. Do you have any makeup hacks for allergy season? Comment below

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