A Colorful Escape: 6 looks to color your life

A Colorful Escape: 6 looks to color your life

Whether bored or just anxious because of the current pandemic, makeup can be a great source of therapy and entertainment. An easy escape with positive benefits of adding color to our lives while tapping into our artistry and allowing ourselves to delight in colors and textures.

Here are 6 makeup looks you can escape to during quarantine.

#1 Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup is all about subtle. It is a great way to look put together for days you may be in a hurry (zoom meeting anyone?) or simply not in the mood for a full face beat.

The key to this look is to: even skin tone, brighten eyes, mascara to create the illusion of a more open eye and nude or pink lip color. A subtle flush can be added with some blush.

Natural Makeup Picture from Pinterest

#2 Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is also a great way to look polished in as little time as possible. The main concept is to use the same shades on your eyes, cheeks and lips.

You can use blush for eyeshadow and your cheeks or vice versa eyeshadow for eyes and cheeks. Choose a lip color as similar as possible to achieve a cohesive monochromatic look.

Monochromatic Look Picture from Pinterest

#3 Half Cut Crease

The half cut crease is a play on light and dark shades. The main idea is to achieve a very defined line between the light shade on half of the lid and dark shade in the crease. The crease and rest other half lid will carry the darker shades.

This technique requires more practice as precision is required for a clean cut. To achieve this look we recommend a very thin and precise brush. You can use concealer or an eyeshadow base to create a half circle from the inner lid to halfway through the lid. If you have hooded eyes, start your "cut" higher than your natural crease, so that when you look forward, you can still see the "cut".

Half Cut Crease Picture from Pinteret

#4 Cut Crease

Similar to a half cut crease, this technique requires even more precision.

For this look, the whole lid carries a lighter shade so the crease is "cut" until the end of the lid and towards the outer corner of the eye. To achieve this look a steady hand and precise and thin brush is best.

Cut Crease Picture from Pinterest

#5 Smokey Eye

When you hear smokey eye, we usually think of black eyeshadow. The truth is that a smokey eye can be created with any shade. The key is in the gradient.

To achieve this look, pack most of your shadow as close to the lash line as possible. Slowly blend the color up with out adding any shadow until it starts to fade. This is what creates the gradient effect that is so characteristic in smokey eyes.

A light shade can be used to soften the edges so that the gradient can end in a diffused way.

Smokey Eye Picture from Pinterest

#6 Halo Eye

Halo eyes bring light to the center of your lids and are versatile since they can be done with dark or light shadows. The trick to this look is apply a lighter or reflective shade in the center of your lid to draw light to that particular area.

To get a more defined halo eye, you may "cut" the center of lid with concealer or eyeshadow base.

Halo Eye Picture from Pinterest

Which look will you be going for today? I'm deciding between smokey or halo eye.

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