8 Tips for Smoother Skin

Let's be real: no one has 100% flawless skin. Whether it be texture, acne, discoloration, uneven skin tone or some other "imperfection", we all deal with some kind of issue. After all we're human and sometimes with social media filters etc. we can easily forget that no one has perfect skin.

To help you get the smoothest makeup application we'll be sharing a few tips to help.

Tip #1: Nutrition

Probably the hardest of all because who doesn't want to eat yummy treats? Our skin is the largest organ of our body, unfortunately it is the last to receive nutrients from food. Our body processes and distributes nutrients to vital organs andwhatever is left will be assigned to remaining areas.

The best thing we can do for skin is to eat as healthy as possible to ensure we can provide our bodies with the best nutrients possible. Speaking of nutrition....

Smooth Skin (Picture from Pinterest)

Tip #2: Become a Master Observer

Observe your skin. If you are having any issues with your skin, observe reactions such as breakouts, etc. after consuming certain foods and using products.

Observing my skins reactions to certain foods was key to discovering the source of painful breakouts on my jawline. I started to notice that the most painful breakouts in that area happened after I had dairy. I eliminated a few dairy items from my diet and the breakouts in that area stopped.

Tip #3: Hydrate

Hydration is key! Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Just take a minute to process that. Water assists the process of removal and flushing of toxins by enabling our kidneys to operate properly. Toxins are also expelled through our skin when we sweat. And to sweat...you need liquid in your body. It is undeniable just how important hydration is for our bodies.

Bonus Tip: Hydration also keeps brain fog at bay.

Tip #4: Skincare

Yes, it's almost cliché to hear this but it is true.

Unprepped skin can cause: creasing, texture and even the need to use extra product. (Just think of your pores sucking up all your foundation seeking hydration.) The overall appearance will be very textured and your makeup will not last very long.

Bonus Tip: Choose your skin care taking into consideration your needs and skin type.

Tip #5: Prime

Primers can help create a smoother canvas for makeup application. Choose your primers according to your need.

Oily skin: Use a mattifying primer

Dry skin: Use a hydrating primer

Wrinkles: Use a smoothing primer

Large pores: Use a blurring primer

Bonus Tip: Make sure your primer and foundation work well together. Usually silicone based primers will not work well with water based foundations and vice versa.

Sound Cosmetics Skin Smoothing Primer (Coming Soon)

Tip #6: Choose your tools

When applying foundation, your tools can make or break your finish. Foundation can be applied with brushes, blending sponges or even clean fingers however each tool can result in different finishes.

- Brushes: can provide fuller coverage but they can also disturb texture on your skin or even leave streaks.

- Blending sponges: are great for a more smooth and airbrushed finish however they can sheer out your product and you may require a second layer of application for fuller coverage.

- Fingers: fingers can be a quick fix for foundation application however you may transfer bacteria or be left with uneven coverage.

Bonus Tip: Use your blending sponge dry for fuller coverage, use a wet sponge for more natural coverage.

Tip #7: Clean your tools

Cleaning your makeup tools is very important to keep bacteria at bay and breakouts. Replace tools when necessary.

Tip #8: Golden Rule

Never break the golden rule: Always remove your makeup before going to sleep! No matter how tired you are.

Going to sleep with makeup can result in eye infections, bacteria, rashes and breakouts. It can also cause texture by the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells.

Bonus Tip: If you're exhausted and ready to crash, use makeup remover wipes to get the bulk of your makeup off.

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