8 Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

Hooded eyes can be a challenge but here are 8 tips that can help you create beautiful eye looks.

#1 Placement is King

When applying makeup to hooded eyes placement is everything. Depending on your eye shape, height and placement of your shadows are very important. If you take your shadows up too high it can actually emphasis any heaviness of a hooded skin. Creating V shapes with darker shadows on your outer corner can also help create the illusion of the receding of any heaviness in that area.

#2 Contour isn't only for your face

Did you know that you can contour your eyes? A defining trait of hooded eyes is that the crease is usually hidden by the heaviness of your skin. You can contour your eye shape and create the illusion for having a higher crease by: strategically placing light and dark eyeshadow shades. Keep lighter shades, shimmers and metallic shades low on your visible lid where they will not transfer and keep dark shades closer to your outer corner to disguise heaviness.

Light Shade in the inner corner, dark shade in the outer corner to contour

#3 Thin liner is In

Although a bit tricky, it is possible to line your eyes and even create cat eyes. The key is to keep the line as thin and close to the lash line as possible to avoid taking away lid space. Depending on your eye shape, you may have to play with the placement of where you begin the "flick" of the cat eye on your outer corner. You can also create more subtle liner looks using shadows and eye pencil liners instead of liquid liner.

Below an example of a thin cat eye on a hooded eye.

#4 Meet your new best friends

Small brushes can be life savers when working with hooded eyes. They allow easier blending in areas where you may have creasing or folds. Smaller blending brushes such as the Morphe M506 and M507 can facilitate blending without ruining the placement of your shadows. The Morphe M515 can also be a saving grace for highlighting your inner corner and creating very small details. and speaking of highlighting....

#5 Less is More

Less is more when it comes to highlighting your brow bone. Highlighting solely under the arch as close to the brow as possible can create a lifting effect without bringing attention to any puffiness or heaviness of hooded eyes. We recommend satin shades to create the right amount of highlighting without emphasizing any heaviness.

#6 Fabulashes

Lashes can really take a look to the next level. When dealing with hooded eyes, look for lashes that are more wispy and flare out towards that outer corner. (Check out our Cruelty-free lashes in styles Tiffany, Hollywood or Christina.) Lashes that flare out towards the outer corner create the illusion of a more balanced and opened eye. Stay away from heavy lashes, particularly those that are very full in the inner corner. Heavy lashes will only add to the heaviness of hooded eyes.

Not a fan of lashes? Go for mascara that lengthens and gives volume such as our Fab Lash Mascara. Focus the majority of the mascara on your roots while applying in an up and outwards motion. That way you can create lift and flare at the outer corner. Avoid over applying mascara on the ends of lashes. This can weigh your lashes down.

#7 Instant Face Lift

You can instantly create a more lifted effect by cleaning the outer edge of your shadow with concealer or foundation. Apply a small amount of product in that area and gently blend in an upward and outward motion. You can use a concealer brush or blending sponge. Triangular blending sponges are amazing for cleaning and shaping that area.