5 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2022

Psss.....#3 is our favorite

#1 Graphic Liner

If you're looking for something unconventional, the graphic liner is definitely a way to make a statement.

The key to even lines is to take a shadow whose shade is similar to your liner and create an outline of your desired shape. Once your outline is created, it's just a matter of tracing with your liner. If you're using a pencil line, make sure to keep the tip sharp.

#2 Iconic Red Lip

Red lips are so iconic. Red lips are the epitome of sophistication. If you're looking for an elegant and classic look, red lips are your go-to.

For your red lip, outline your lips to your desired shape and fill in. If you're expecting lots of - uhmm- action, search for a long-lasting, waterproof formula to avoid smearing.

#3 Single Shade Shadow Looks

Single shadow looks will always be our go-to and favorite. Not only is this look easy, but it's also super quick too! The key is to make sure you blend out the edges and pack on pigment closest to your lash line to create some depth.

#4 Golden Goddess

We are obsessed with a golden moment. This neutral makeup look with a pop of gold in the inner corner is the perfect way to elevate a neutral makeup look without it being too much.

Apply a metallic shadow or highlighter to an extra small brush for a precise application.

#5 Glitter Love

Don’t be afraid to sparkle. We know that glitter isn't for everyone but we just couldn't leave it out. What better way to sparkle than some glitter?

If you have hooded eyes, use our friend Leorah Goldbergs trick to keep your glitter from creasing. See the video below.

Tell us, which look will you be trying? We can't wait to read your comments.