5 Tips For a Safe & Happy Halloween

This Halloween is certainly unique because of the pandemic but I'm here to help you with these 5 tips to help you stay safe:

🎃 Tip # 1 Prepare

If you decide to go trick o treating, while preparing your child, let them know about your safety plans and why it is important to follow them.

🎃 Tip # 2 Use a Mask

The use of mask is important in prevention. Surgical grade masks or fabrics are ideal. Make masks fun by including them as part of the costume.

🎃 Tip # 3 Avoid Crowds

Avoid crowded door entrys while trick o treating. If you're giving candy, instruct trick o treaters that you will attend one person at a time.

🎃 Tip # 4 Take Sanitizer

Travel sized sanitizer is easy to carry and will help keep you safe. (Make sure you have a safe and child approved brand to avoid injury.)

🎃 Tip # 5 Celebrate at Home

If you decide to stay home, make it special! You can have create fun looks with makeup, have a movie marathon with movies like Goosebumps, bake yummy treats or create fun games.

Which tip did you find most helpful? As an introvert tip #5 sure sounds like a lot of fun. 😁

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