5 Things to do to Combat Quarantine Boredom

Quarantine has got you bored and anxious? Here are 5 things you can do to keep busy.

1) Participate in makeup challenge (We'll be hosting one tomorrow Check our group SC Glam Squad on our page Facebook page SoundCosmetics)

Makeup challenges are great as they will strengthen your makeup skills through practice. You can also connect and find support during this time with other makeup lovers.

2) Organize your beauty space

We makeup lovers can get pretty messy while enjoying our craft. With all of the different brushes and products things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Make the most of quarantine and organize your space. Speaking of organizing...

3) Say goodbye to expired items

Now is a great time to toss and expired products in your makeup collection. Expired makeup products can become breeding ground for bacteria and may even cause health issues such as pink eye, rashes and more.

Bonus: Check out our Back to Basics blog post at www.soundcosmeticsco.com for expiration dates.

4) Take some time for self care

Not just the skin care routine type of thing. Take the time to revisit your goals. Develop a plan and take small steps. Your inner care is just as important.

5) Take advantage of any online makeup deals

Many retailers are offering deals like free shipping and discounts. Visit our online store www.soundcosmeticsco.com.🎁

Bonus: Use a cashback system to save money. I have been using Rakuten (formerly EBates) for years.* https://www.rakuten.com/r/DREAMC711?eeid=28187

(*Note: I may earn a small commission if you register through the link)

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