5 Spring Makeup Trends to Try in 2022

We're breaking down the 5 biggest makeup trends this season and how you can do them in simple ways from home.

#1 Purple Eyeshadow

This year Pantone announced Very Peri as the Color of the Year, so it's safe to expect purples to trend in makeup in 2022.

From purple eyeshadow to liners, to lipsticks, play around with different shades of purples.

For an edgy and dramatic look, think deep shades of purple. For lighter and refreshed, play around with pastel shades. Keep it, even more, stylish with textures such as shimmers and glitters.

Oh, did we mention that the color purple is associated with royalty, luxury, and spirituality? Sounds pretty amazing to us!

#2 "Clean Makeup" Look

The Clean makeup look started to trend on Tik Tok during November 2021 but it's still very much a thing. The Clean Makeup look is all about looking put together in a minimal way.

Even though the look is meant to look effortless a few products are still used to achieve it with the main focus on skin.

We're sorry to break it to you, this look may not be so effortless as skincare plays an important part, and skincare, our loves, requires consistency. Make sure to keep consistent with your skincare routine by keeping your products in visible and accessible areas.

Healthy skin isn't just a fade in the beauty world. It is said that Cleopatra would use Olive Oil for a dewy complexion. Might also explain why this $5 Moisturizing hack is going viral too! You know what they say, History repeats itself.

#3 Heavy Blush

Warmer days are around the corner and flowers are starting to bloom which means that we'll be seeing explosions of color everywhere including our blushes.

Think bright, colorful, and a lot of blush. Statement blush is in! No need to be shy. Try experimenting with bright pinks and peaches. Build up your layers of blush slowly to avoid creating unnecessary texture on your skin. Apply some setting spray and gently press with a sponge to melt your blush to your skin.

Hmmm...sounds like the '90s looks may be looking for a comeback.

#4 90's but glossy

Speaking of the 90's inspiration, a lot of trends from the 90s will be making a comeback but with a twist, a glossy twist.

Brown 90's inspired lip liner will dominate but instead of mate brown lips, we'll be seeing glossy lips.

Gloss is not only amazing for hydrating your lips, it's also perfect for smooth, fuller-looking lips.

To make this trend work for you, remember to exfoliate your lips to remove any flakes. Then proceed to line your lips and apply your gloss. You'll be the ultimate it girl.

#5 Natural Brows

One area that seems to not be influenced by the 90s is Brows. Full, natural brows will continue to dominate. The reason is that full, natural brows give a youthful appearance.

Our favorite way to fill in any sparse areas is to take a thin angled brush and create hairlike strokes using an eyeshadow similar to your natural brow color. Set your brows in place with a brow gel or wax.

This is one thing that we'll continue to follow even if it is no longer considered a trend because hey, who doesn't want to look youthful?

Have you tried any of these trends? If you have, which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

That's it for today. As always, Stay Gorgeous.